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What does a buying agent do?

A buying agent is an individual or agency that is secured by a client to search for and secure a property that meets all their needs. A buying agent works for the client, not the seller, so there is no conflict of interest.  

We put the clients’ interests, like preference and price at the very top of the agenda.

What other benefits are there to using a buying agent in Mallorca?
  • Unlike an individual estate agent who can only promote their sellers  property we work in partnership with every reputable estate agent across the island giving you knowledge of and access to a wide range of properties, newly available properties and the latest market intelligence. 
  • Our networks on the island of Mallorca are very well established and broad and include  private owners.  This means we often have access to properties that never even get to market to include in your search! 
  • We provide you with a due diligence report on your property of choice, providing impartial advice on across critical areas such as price, planning and so on.
  • We are the property experts for the island of Mallorca, so you don’t have to be. We have outstanding negotiation skills when it comes to getting you the very best price for your dream Mallorca home.  When we get to the stage of agreeing terms we stay with you all the way, working  your solicitors and financial advisers. 
  • And our Mallorca buying agent service does not stop there! We provide a complete handover service which includes final inspection on the morning of completion and then a full concierge service for the setup of all utilities services and new owners guide (alarms/pool/AC).
Do you offer the same service as a property search and acquisition consultant?

Yes, we do – it’s just a different way of describing the same service.

So, if I just don’t have the time to look for a property myself in Mallorca, you can help me?

Yes, we can, if you have met our qualifying criteria and are looking for a property to invest in or live in on the island of Mallorca then we are exactly the people who can help you.

Our professional and very personalised service starts by discussing your property needs, getting to know your requirements and how those same needs might change in the future.  

Buying property abroad can be stressful and we want to future proof your buying decision. From this point we can start to identify and a shortlist of suitable Mallorca properties to show you.

I have never bought a property abroad; can you help with the rules and regulations of buying in Mallorca?

Yes of course, this is core part of our service offer, to navigate you painlessly through the legal process.

Can you get me a better price?

Reducing the asking price on our Mallorca home is not something we promise – but we do play hard ball and only work for you.

Our strength is our market knowledge and really knowing the true value of the property, if it’s overpriced our aim is to secure it for you at a fair market price. If it’s not a fair deal we simply do not pursue the property on your behalf.

What are your values?

We live on and love the island of Mallorca. Many of our clients will be our neighbours and people that we share the island of Mallorca with for many years to come. If we feel that you are making a wrong decision or a bad investment, we tell you.

Protecting your financial interests and your best interests is at the heart of everything we do.

Do I really need a buying agent?  I’m confident I can manage this by myself.

Of course you can manage this by yourself, lots of people do and all ends well. However, our added value is priceless. We secure you value for money and a home or investment that ticks every box and more!

Our comprehensive due diligence protects your hard-earned money.  We take your property deal through the process, from A – Z making sure it doesn’t fall apart and completes in a time frame that works for you.

What does it cost to use a buying agent?

Our intermediary service comes at no extra cost to the buyer, We earn our commssion through the seller. However, we do expect our clients, after qualifying to receive our service, to sign a 28 day mandate giving us exclusivity in delivering a very personalised property concierge service.

Who uses a buying agent?

Our clients use us for a variety of reasons. However the most common reasons people use a buying agent are those who:

  • Simply do not have the time to look for a home or investment that meets the property brief and push through the negotiation and buying process
  • Feel overwhelmed by or have no experience of buying a property aboard.  So, buying a dream home on in Mallorca just feels complicated. 
  • Appreciate the benefits of a full property search and acquisition service because they have experienced it before. 
  • While they love they Island of Mallorca and have decided this is their island of choice they do not know it well enough to make an informed purchasing decision and tick all the boxes.
Does the property  have to be a luxury property worth millions of euros’ I have a much smaller budget?

As long as your budget is 250,000 euros or more we are happy to design and deliver a service for you.

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